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Version 5.8.10 ( Mar. 22, 2017 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Could not enter minus value to amend elevation.
    • Could not show place information of a Panorama view which is 360 degrees around view, if its joint part ( to make loop ) exists in window and mouse pointer is in the right side of the joint.
    • In the Contour dialog, could not change depth line settings, after program restarts, if depth line settings are changed previous session. Reset to defaults resolved this issue.
    • Newly created lake data is not saved to library and no warning is shown, when you have no right to write to the library.
    • When saving picture or some other data to any folder that you have no right to write to the folder, program may terminate abnormally or just ignore the saving sometimes.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.9 ( Feb. 24, 2017 )

  • Support 1 second for minimum intervals of parallels and meridians, if setting is automatic.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Removed user data may appear at next activation time, when all the user data are read at activation time by automatic reading, and remove part of user data by kind in the Remove data dialog, and no other update nor addition occurs.
    • Drawing Sun(s) in panorama view does not work when time format is not 24 hour system in System Preferences.
    • Clicking to decide direction of panorama view is ignored once, if the main window is not the most front window.
    • Projection map may not draw parallels and meridians if those intervals are different.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.8 ( Oct. 16, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash or draw invalid image after reading GeoTiff DEM files if they are compressed internally. SimpleDEMViewer rejects them.
    • Strings and lines are placed invalid position in a saved picture other than pdf format, when picture is shrunk in a picture window.

Version 5.8.7 ( Sep. 24, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Sea, lake and sky are drawn in invalid color if you change those colors using GrayScale / CMYK / HSB sliders in Color Picker.
    • Program may terminate abnormally just before Panorama View finish drawing in Preview mode.
    • When updating User Route Data using dialog, in the main window, user data will be redrawn according to your node selection but background map will not move..
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.6 ( Sep. 7, 2016 )

  • 3D Movie returns to "Other Plane DEM".
  • Corrects following issues.
    • "No address DEM" may be treated as "Other Plane DEM".
    • Under OS X 10.11 ( El Capitan ) in file reading panel, "Read two levels" option is hidden by "Option" button.
    • Drawing picture may stop just before finishing in Bird's eye view and Stereograph, when activating first time in your account.
    • 3D movie may start at invalid position when activating from popup menu first time after program starts.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.5 ( Aug. 5, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Can't show GeoTiff DEMs correctly, which is separated to tiles ( or blocks ) internally.
    • Can't save and restore a working set, when you use Arc/Info ascii DEM files whose coordinate system is "General plane".
    • "3D movie" menu item is active when using DEMs whose coordinate system is "General plane".
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.4 ( July 9, 2016 )

  • Supports some type of KMZ data that contains a file with different name from KMZ file.
  • Corrects following issue.
    • Sometimes very wide panorama view cannot draw advancing picture during drawing, especially under El Capitan.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.3 ( Apr. 7, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issue.
    • Under OS X 10.11 El Capitan, cannot draw map correctly after scaling down by pinching using a trackpad.

Version 5.8.2 ( Mar. 30, 2016 )

  • Make contrast higher for shading by slope.
  • Determine GeoTiff file earlier, so that you cannot select other tiff file in dialog to open files.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Cannot read GeoTiff file that has width or height between 32768 and 65535. No support width and height longer than 65535.
    • Panorama dialog will disappear when clicking [+] button to add new level color with selecting bottom color.

Version 5.8.1 ( Feb. 21, 2016 )

  • Projection maps supports shading by slope.
  • Drawing edges of DEM file region is improved when map is extended.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • When UTM and Geo-DEM co-exist, light shading is always taken for Geo-DEM region even if shading by slope is specified.
    • Color set is not restored when Reset button is clicked in Preference dialog.

Version 5.8.0 ( Feb. 3, 2016 )

  • Supports shading by slope.
    No shading, by light, by slope, both types are available in preference panel.
  • Suppress drawing when too many names should be drawn on the main window to avoid operation be almost stalled.
  • Suppress re-saving of user data at quitting when no data is changed, added or deleted from start-up.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Old user memo data remains on the main window after updating it.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.7.0 ( Dec. 21, 2015 )

  • Supports XY-plane of Japan for ArcInfo ascii DEMs.
  • Supports UTM and XY-plane of Japan with world file for texture maps.
  • Supports texture maps that has addresses not parallel with coordinate system specified by world file.
  • "Remove data" dialog adds an item "Texture maps".
  • Adds "Select all" button to "Remove data" dialog.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Ignore texture map addresses changed previously, for textures that have native address.
    • When some texture maps are loaded automatically at the start up, those are remained even after named-working-set is read.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.6.2 ( Nov. 22, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • BIL form DEM may not be read correctly when HDR file has no entries for addresses and pitches, and BLW file exists.

Version 5.6.1 ( Nov. 15, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Program is frozen when start reading ArcInfo ascii DEM file other than geo-referenced under OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
    • Ver.5.6.0 cannot draw DEMs other than geo-referenced correctly.

Version 5.6.0 ( Nov. 14, 2015 )

  • Supports new entries in HDR file for BIL form DEMs.
  • In HDR file for BIL form DEMs, if no UTMZONE nor XYPLANE is specified and address is outside of degree system (-180 to 180, -90 to 90), 'XYPLANE 0' is assumed.
  • Supports shrank view for large pictures. Bird's eye view, Stereograph, Grayscale map, Projection map.
  • Supports selection of frame rate for 3D movie.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • 3D movie is broken often in rotation mode.
    • In 3D movie dialog, Reset button of Boat mode sets invalid altitude value.
    • In HDR file for BIL form DEMs of geo addressing, even data pitch is greater than 0.1, it is treated as in degrees instead of arc seconds.
    • Crash when cancel projection map during drawing.
    • If one DEM file covers more than 360 degrees around the world, east of the overlap area may not be drawn.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.5.0 ( Oct. 23, 2015 )

  • Supports 3D Movie. There are three modes, rotation, flight and boat. => sample movie.
  • Supports bil form DEMs with file extension ‘FLT’.
  • Extends entries of HDR file for bil form DEMs so that USGS’s GridFloat format DEMs can be read without any modifications.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Projection map creation may crash if it draws large amount of user data under OS X 10.10 ( Yosemite ) or newer.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.4.3 ( May 22, 2015 )

  • Supports JAXA ALOS World 3D-30m DEM.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash after reading GeoTiff file that is not DEM data.
    • Displaying "0m" for sea area when specifying interpolation. Changed to "N/A".
    • In the projection map windows, background color was drawn to right edge of the window if the string has plural lines.

Version 5.4.2 ( Apr. 29, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash after closing panorama-view-window during mouse point information ( azimuth and elevation angle ) is showed in window.
    • Crash after close windows by clicking close box with option key pressed, when more than one window including panorama-view on OS X 10.8 and 10.9.

Version 5.4.1 ( Apr. 26, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Change-all in Edit-user-data dialog takes too long time when kind menu or layer menu is not "All".
    • Cannot draw User area data if UTM or XY-plane coordinate system. ( Ver. 5.4.0 only )
    • Name of user area data is not appear fully on the map after changing title string attributes..

Version 5.4.0 ( Apr. 23, 2015 )

  • Supports "LineString" and "Polygon" in KML and KMZ file, those are treated as user route data and user area data.
  • Supports options to omit drawing of area data or area name when area is small enough on the map.
  • Improve saving speed to save user area data. Area data file format is changed, so that older program can not read new file correctly.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Under OS X 10.10.3 ( Yosemite ), alert dialog to stop panorama view drawing did not appear.
    • May crash after loading named working set.

Version 5.3.4 ( Mar. 30, 2015 )

  • Corrects an issue that color set in a panorama-view-setting-file is not set correctly when reading the file and color set is different from any named color sets.

Version 5.3.3 ( Mar. 23, 2015 )

  • Improved drawing for seashore.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Arc/Info ascii DEMs may not be read if Arc/Info is installed.
    • Color set "Sea Depth" had invalid boundary elevations;
    • Invalid lines may appear when gradation is used.

Version 5.3.2 ( Mar. 13, 2015 )

  • Correct an issue crashing when opening User Data Preferences.

Version 5.3.1 ( Mar. 11, 2015 )

  • Correct an issue crashing after reading ArcInfo ascii DEMs if those are other than geo referenced DEMs.

Version 5.3.0 ( Mar. 10, 2015 )

  • Supports DEMs that have general rectangular plane coordinate system.
  • Ignore datum of GeoTiff DEMs, so that can read GeoTiff DEMs widely.
  • Shade strength factor is extended up to 8, so that to emphasize undulation of smooth surface.
  • Place info will be shown near mouth cursor on a panorama view window.
  • Rectangular setting dialog shows accurate position even for no address DEMs.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Too much space in Bird's eye view at top sometimes.
    • Void area ( and sea if "Treat sea as no data region" is specified ) may not be colored correctly when showing both UTM DEMs and Geo-referenced DEMs.
    • Mouse point election value may be invalid on overlapping area when showing plural DEMs they have void data.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.2.3 ( Jan. 25, 2015 )

  • Make intervals of parallels and meridians shorter when "Auto" is selected especially when scale is smaller..
  • Show Save-Panel to save picture in expanded mode always.
    Under OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Save-Panel with picture format option fields cannot run in collapsed mode.
  • Correct other minor issues.

Version 5.2.2 ( Jan. 5, 2015 )

  • Supports opacity of line colors of user rout data and background colors of user data strings.
  • Correct that some older netCDF DEM files are cannot read. (5.2.1)

Version 5.2.1 ( Dec. 8, 2014 )

  • Support newer format of netCDF, so that can read ETOPO1 of netCDF format.
  • Change settings to start SimpleDEMViewer in English instead of Japanese, when neither English nor Japanese is not included in language list of "System Preference" under OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Correct other minor issues.

Version 5.2.0 ( Nov. 14, 2014 )

  • DEM Inspector supports to amend each elevation value.
  • Create new DEM file includes some read DEMs or some portion of DEMs.
  • Supports Lambert Conformal Conic projection map.
  • Supports adding and updating strings on picture windows such as projection maps, Bird's eye view, Stereograph and Grayscale map windows.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Can't change opacity in the texture dialog.
    • Color table in the Panorama View dialog does not work.
    • Can't show string dialog on a Panorama View window.
    • Only frame of user area data is drawn to any projection map, when mac has retina display.
    • Can't write a pdf file replacing old file when saving picture file.
    • Other minor issues.

About OS X Mavericks (10.9)

  • Under Mavericks, error message is shown on console when you show save panel to save pictures. Control field to select file type is too big and no control appear to create world file option. All they are caused by Mavericks's bug, and I have no solution to avoid them. You should wait Apple's action fixing it. ( Fixed in Yosemite )
  • Create-world-file option is moved to Preferences panel.

Version 5.1.4 ( Oct. 24, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Can't create new color set, crash occasionally.
    • Can't create Conical Projection Map if center point is in southern hemisphere.
    • Crash after removing all DEM data, if you created Panorama view previously.
    • Can't load named working set after you canceled auto restoration at start up, loading a named working set or reading files from open panel.

Version 5.1.3 ( Aug. 19, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Crash when restoring DEM files at start up or loading named working set, if no those DEM files exist, depending on DEM file type.
    • In Color table of Panorama view dialog, target of insertion or deletion is always top row, instead of selected row.

Version 5.1.2 ( July 19, 2014 )

  • Correct following issue.
    • Crash after creating user route data with node comments. Also crashed after reading type 4 route data file (jzrout) includes node comments. (Ver. 5.1.1)
    • Couldn’t draw great circle lines for user route data. (from ver. 4.3.3)

Version 5.1.1 ( July 2, 2014 )

  • Change default to no-draw for title and node comment of newly created route kind.
  • Correct following issue.
    • Kind field of all user data will be blanked when kind field of change-all dialog is ‘Mixed’.

Version 5.1.0 ( June 15, 2014 )

  • Support formatting of content field of User Memo Data.
  • Support simple Placemark data of KML format file as user memo data.
  • Support showing place of popup menu to the or Google Map on a web browser such as safari. is supported by Mavericks (OS X 10.9) or later.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Edit all user data function takes very long time to update string attributes.
    • ArcInfo ascii geo-referenced DEM is always drawn on top regardless of its data pitch even if more precise DEMs exist..
    • DEM type and zone number are set invalidly when restore DEMs at start-up.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.0.2 ( May 26, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Failed to restore the color set if it has only three elevation colors.
    • Tibet and Andes may be colored by white invalidly, when “White Antarctica” is checked.
    • Main window content is drawn too large during resizing window, when Retina display is used.

Version 5.0.1 ( May 1, 2014 )

  • Change the format of User rout data file to speed up saving / reading files.
    Version 5.0.0 can not read those files saved by 5.0.1.
  • Correct an issue that program crash after reading GeoTiff DEM of UTM addressing.

Version 5.0.0 ( Apr. 28, 2014 )

  • Number of elevation colors is variable between 3 and 30.
  • Color boundary elevations can have float value.
  • Support retina display.
  • Supports no shading for Panorama view, Bird’s eye view and stereograph.
  • Supports shadow style of strings.
  • Line width of route data is extended to 30 points. It can have translucent color.
  • Add “defaults” button to “Change all” memo, rout and area dialog.
  • In visible region drawing, add an option to ignore lands near target, so that prevent hiding target by them. It is helpful if the target is on a flat top mountain.

Version 4.4.9 ( May 2,  2014 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crashed after reading GeoTiff DEM of UTM addressing.
    • Can not read some GeoTiff DEMs formatted in big endian.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.4.8 ( Apr. 14,  2014 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • When using retina display, the direction dial did not work in the Bird's eye view and stereograph dialog.
    • When using retina display, information panel of finding highest or lowest elevation will appear at inappropriate position.
    • Could not create anaglyph of panorama view.
    • User operation blocked when add or rename user data kind in User Data Preferences panel at second time.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.4.7 ( Mar. 17,  2014 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Could not show title of Area Data.
    • Strings on the main window will not be movable after saving main window picture as a pdf.
    • In the Memo Data create/update dialog, when showing string attributes panel twice or more, always old attributes are shown even you update them.
    • Main window content positioning is invalid when read DEMs after canceling auto reading at start up time.
    • In the User Data Preferences dialog, if you cancel string attributes dialog once, after that you can not change string attributes until closing User Data Preferences dialog.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.4.6 ( Feb. 23,  2014 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • When dragging a memo mark, it is getting apart from the mouse cursor.
    • When dragging a memo with no mark, it is getting apart from the mouse cursor.
    • When memo tile is moved on the screen, it will not be retained in the saved picture.
    • When reading some files, aliases for folders are ignored.
    • In Visible Region drawing, could not draw on the sea.
    • In Visible Region dialog, changing address is ignored.

Version 4.4.5 ( Jan. 14, 2014 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crashed when saving main window map picture larger than 2 GB.
    • Panorama view may not finish when draw user data is on but no user dat exist.
    • Latitude and longitude lines may not be drawn in orthographic projection map when picture size is large.

Version 4.4.4 ( Nov. 12, 2013 )

  • Add Create-world-file option to Preferences panel, and delete it from save panel of grayscale map and stereograph.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Menu to create Projection Maps is available even if DEM has not geographic address.
    • GPS information is always set to (0,0) that should show center address of pictures in saved bird's eye views, stereographs and grayscale maps.

Version 4.4.3 ( Aug. 26, 2013 )

  • Supports shorter pitch UTM DEM over 0.1 meter.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Texture mapping is not applied to Bird's eye view and Stereograph when UTM DEM is used.
    • Conversion from feet to meter is invalid for bil form DEM, if its contents are big endian.
    • UTM zone number is not saved for ArcInfo ascii DEM in working set save / restore function.
    • Void region in DEM files are drawn with sea color always.

Version 4.4.2 ( July 21, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Correct following issues.Cannot draw lakes if DEM has float values and lake surface is under sea level.
    • -9999m elevation values of BIL form DEMs are treated as void value, if both NODATA and SEALEVEL entry are omitted in HDR file. In this case -9999m should be treated as sea.
    • Map is drawn incorrectly when base DEM has void values and other type DEMs fill there.
    • Map center is not set correctly if you cancel reading many DEM files.
    • Panorama view do not draw route data if route data covering area is too large so that panorama view's drawing distance is inside it.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.4.1 ( July 11, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • DEM inspector does not work correctly for UTM DEMs because of poor accuracy of conversion from latitude and longitude to UTM coordinate.
    • When creating bird's eye views or stereographs, "Colorize by slope" does not reflect on/off settings for each level correctly..

Version 4.4.0 ( July 6, 2013 )

  • Save working status with name and restore later you want.
    Drawing settings are restored also.
  • Supports DEM inspector panel showing cell elevations in table.
  • Support map reposition by dragging showing frame in the Index panel.
  • Support SEALEVEL entry in hdr file for bil form DEMs.
  • Correct following issues.
    • -9999m is always teated as sea, even if -9999m is defined as NODATA.
    • Ver.4.3.3 to 4.3.6 cannot read SDTS files.
    • Bird's eye view and stereograph draw pictures only using UTM DEMs, even if geo DEMs coexist.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.6 ( June 8, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • In User Data Edit dialog, string search function ignores kind and layer menu selection.
    • In panorama view, invisible name string may be printed.
    • Many alert dialogs will appear when files do not exist for files to be automatically read during start up.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.5 ( May 12, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Imported color sets are not saved.
    • Showing info of main window leads to infinite loop when no DEM is read.
    • Can't remove user data by "Edit User Data" dialog.
    • Lines of creating route or area data and measuring mileage may not appear after main window size was changed.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.4 ( Apr. 24, 2013 )

  • Improved seashore drawing in Panorama view.
  • Correct following issues.
    • May crash when changing string attributes in User Data Preferences dialog.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.3 ( Apr. 10, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Index line settings are ignored in Contour dialog.
    • Geo-Profile settings can't be changed.
    • Too deep lower limit may be set when the route includes sea.
    • Main window information shows zero for number of DEM files always.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.2 ( Feb. 20, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Equi-Area azimutahl projection map is drawn invalidly if the center is at the North or South pole.
    • ay crash when clicking up-arrow icon in the vertical scroll bar, if map shows north end already. ( only on Mac OS X 10.6 )
    • Always USGS ASCII DEM files are drawn, even if more precise DEM files co-exist.
    • rash when scrolling map at following condition.
    •  When no DEM file is read, start reading several DEM files and cancel it after more than one DEM file has been read.
    •  Crash when clicking cancel button during reading GeoTiff DEM file.
    •  Other minor issues.

Version 4.3.1 ( Feb. 1, 2013 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Mouse point longitude shows W18x.x and "N/A" for elevation for east hemisphere, if 180 degrees meridian exists in the left half of the map window.
    • Invalid vertical lines are drawn in right side in the map window, when 180 degrees meridian exists in the right half of the map window and scroll to right, in version 4.3.0.
    • Invalid vertical line is drawn at right of 180 degrees meridian for DEMs that covers more than 360 degrees. e.g. ETOPO1 DEM file that has 21601 columns.
    • Sun settings are not set correctly when panorama view dialog is shown from panorama info panel or panorama info file (sdpano).

Version 4.3.0 ( Jan. 20, 2013 )

  • Support milage pitch drawing in profile.
  • Support opacity in texture mapping.
  • Index map content can be dragged now.
  • Under help menu, you can download pdf manual using safari or other browser.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Panorama view window sometimes could not be closed after user data drawing.
    • May crash during reading many DEMs, if SimpleDEMViewer goes to background.
    • When using UTM DEMs, mouse point elevation is N/A always, if interpolation value is selected in preference.
    • When using UTM DEMs, panorama view may draw invalidly near DEM file boundaries.
    • In Edit-User-Data dialog, it takes very long time when change sort during very large number of items are selected.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 4.2.2 ( Dec. 7, 2012 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • May crash when reading GeoTiff data ( DEM or texture map ) if it is big endian.

Version 4.2.1 ( Nov. 25, 2012 )

  • Support ETOPO2 variations of ETOPO2_f4_MSB.flt, ETOPO2_f4_LSB.flt, ETOPO2_i2_MSB.bin, ETOPO2_i2_LSB.bin.
  • correct following issues.
    • User route data is drawn go through the world invalidly, when line section connects points in east and west edge of the window.
    • Color set is not set correctly in panorama dialog when activated from panorama info file or from another panorama view window.

Version 4.2.0 ( Nov. 15, 2012 )

  • Support USGS SDTS format DEM.
  • Support netCDF format DEM. File extension should be "grd".
  • When activating SimpleDEMViewer by double clicking on DEM files user memo, route, area data or panorama view setting file, SimpleDEMViewer can read those files.
  • When dropping previous files or folder contains them on to application icon, SimpleDEMViewer can read them.
  • Dropping panorama view setting file on to main window can show panorama dialog. Required DEMs should have read previously.
  • Maximum emphasizing value for stereograph is 20.0.
  • Correct following issues.
    • When deleting a memo by update dialog, it remained on the map until map is refreshed.
    • Crashed when show picture info twice for each projection maps, grayscale maps, stereographs and bird's eye views.
    • Place info is invalid for panorama view when window height is less than picture height.

Version 4.1.0 ( Oct. 19, 2012 )

  • Creates UTM projection map.
  • Read GPX format GPS data as user memo or user route data.
  • Exports and imports color sets to exchange them between users and other macs.
  • Exports and imports settings of panorama view, for saving or passing to some person.
  • Stereograph supports drawing latitude and longitude lines instead of address marker.
  • Accept plural picture files at drag-and-drop them onto the map window to create user memo data.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Terminate abnormally when changing line color of equidistant circle for projection maps.
    • When different pitch DEMs of same type exist, removing one of them always remove shortest pitch DEM.
    • Cannot show info-panel of 16 bits grayscale maps.
    • Cannot create world file when saving 16 bits grayscale maps.
    • When using UTM DEMs, section of user route data longer than 150 km is not drawn.
    • Using UTM DEMs, when saving map with different scale from map window, latitude and longitude lines are drawn incorrectly.

Version. 4.0.2 ( Sep. 28, 2012 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Invalid range defined for SRTM-1 and SRTM-2, so that gaps exist between DEM files.
    • SRTM DEM always be drawn even if more precise DEM exists.
    • In name search panel for selecting target or eye point of panorama view, input values to name or address field are ignored if name field is not filled previously.

Version 4.0.1 ( Sep. 23, 2012 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Cannot do anything except kill the program if you select "Show info" under the file menu when no DEM file is read.
    • In a panorama view dialog, minimum distance of haze effect is 1000 times greater when the dialog is called from info panel of panorama view window.
    • Info panel of panorama view always show its direction as "north" if actual direction is not west, east nor south.

Version 4.0.0 ( Sept. 8, 2012 )

  • Supports to create large pictures, up to 65500 pixels for both width and height.
  • Supports to create Panorama view.
  • Supports to colorize visible region.
  • Supports free direction for Bird's-eye view and Stereograph.
  • Supports to measure mileage along any path with moving mouse.
  • Supports to change scale by pinch operation on the trackpad.
  • Supports to draw equidistant circles on Orthographic and Azimuthal equal-area projection map.
  • Supports working set restoration.
  • Supports nautical mile for mileage unit.
  • Supports to create world file when saving Grayscale map.
  • Supports to create world file when saving anaglyph if its one pane is maked as Equidistant Cylindrical.
  • Supports to create memos by dropping picture files on the main window.
  • Supports option to not connect web site from the memo even it points web site.

Version 3.9.5 ( Mar. 19, 2012 )

  • Fixed following issues.
    • Under Mac OS X 10.7 ( Lion ), cannot change file format when saving main window picture or grayscale picture with make-world-file option.

Version 3.9.4 ( Aug. 18, 2011 )

  • Fixed following issues.
    • Under Mac OS X 10.7 ( Lion ), cannot read files when you select alias files in open-file dialog.
    • Cannot show elevations under mouse in west hemisphere for ETOPO5 DEM.

Version 3.9.3 ( May 20, 2011 )

  • Supports 32-bits-float GeoTiff..
  • Supports datums WGS72, NAD83 for GeoTiff added to current WGS84. All are treated as WGS84.

Version 3.9.2 ( Apr. 17, 2011 )

  • Supports 32-bits-integer GeoTiff.
    to supports ETOPO1 published in march, that is in 32-bits-integer ( accidentally ).

Version 3.9.1 ( Dec. 22, 2010 )

  • Supports GeoTiff greater than 256 MB.
  • Supports tiled GeoTiff..

Version 3.9.0 ( Oct. 27, 2010 )

  • Supports saving working status.
  • Writing EXIF GPS information ( center address of the picture ) when saving pictures to jpeg or tiff files, for main window map, Bird's eye view, stereograph, corn / orthographic / equidistant / Equal-Area projection maps. Require Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Supports creating memo data by dropping any jpeg or tiff picture files with EXIF GPS information onto main map window.
  • During the user data edit dialog, you can position the map so that selected data is shown at the center of the map.
    In the user data edit dialog, automatically convert multi-line title to one-line so that full title is shown in title field.
    In the stereographic picture function, supports an option to make one pane orthography. Address indicators can be set to it.
  • Fixed following issues.
    • Wide invalid lines appear in Bird's eye view, stereograph, corn / orthographic / equidistant / Eqaul-Area projection maps at extended drawing.
    • In user data preference dialogs, table view will be invalid after some kinds are removed.
    • Pattern of the user area data has conflict between names and actual patterns..

Version 3.8.8 ( Sep. 28, 2010 )

  • Fixed following issues.
    • Program terminate abnormally when saving any picture as tiff file at the first time since starting.

Version 3.8.7 ( Sept. 20, 2010 )

  • Fixed following issues.
    • Blue or blank lines are appeared at the top of the map window, when scrolling to north by mouse wheel and the map is extended more than 150%.
    • Some portion get too dark shading when different pitch DEMs are read and the map is shrunk
    • Picture options are ignored specified at saving pictures. Mac OS X 10.5 and later.
    • GPS data is ignored in many cases, when a picture file is dropped on to Memo data dialog even it has correct GPS informations.
    • Terminate abnormally when click the mark control in Change All Memo Data dialog.
    • Terminate abnormally when deleting some user data in Edit User Data dialog that kind menu showing All.
    • Attached utility "LSMixer" updated to version 3.1.1 .

Version 3.8.6 ( Aug. 23, 2010 )

  • Support decimal number for elevation emphasizing of stereo pictures.
  • Fixed following issues.
    • Many error messages are output to the console during read file dialog operations.
    • During rout creation operations, when click on a string, informations belong to it is referred even without option key.
    • During rout creation operations, when click on a string with option key, the elevation data of the string is not copied.

Version 3.8.5 ( Jan. 20, 2010 )

  • Improve drawing performance to draw user route data on projection map windows.

Version 3.8.4 ( Jan. 11, 2010 )

  • Supports an option to show kinds that user data existing only, in Show / Hide user data dialog.
  • Fixed following issues
    • Cannot check checkboxes after clicking set-all buttons in Show / Hide user data dialog.
    • Search function cannot position to correct row in Edit user data dialog, when the movement goes over 1365 rows.

Version 3.8.3 ( Nov. 11, 2009 )

  • Fixed following issues
    • Cannot draw route and area data correctly under some conditions.
    • Picture memory is not released when picture window is closed, it introduces insufficient memory error after several such operations.

Version 3.8.2 ( Sep. 19, 2009 )

  • Fixed following issues
    • Line width specified to Equidistant circles is ignored.
    • User route data are drawn incorrectly, if those are at the right edge of the window and map shows 180 degree meridian.
    • User route data reading from e00 files did not appear correctly at the right edge of the map window.
    • Files are opened incorrectly and not released when you read data files with selecting any folders.

Replace 3.8.1 ( Sep. 2, 2009 )

  • Fix invalid scrolling. Finder Info window shows "3.8.1f"

Version 3.8.1 ( Sep. 1, 2009 )

  • Supports more flexible format of address data for pasting to address control.
    Ex. 42° 37' 30.058'', -88° 27' 00.350''
      Lat: 42.625016, Lng: -88.450097
  • Fixed following issues
    • Vacant color is invalid under Mac OS X 10.6 when it is specified as sea color. Same error occurs under Mac OS X 10.5 if you change the display gamma to 2.2 in the system preference.
    • "Treat sea as no data" option in the preference is not saved.

Version 3.8.0 ( Jul. 20, 2009 )

  • Supports ASTER GDEM. ( )
  • Supports GeoTiff DEMs. The datum should be WGS84.
  • Supports reading e00 files as User Route Data.
  • Drawing performance is improved when there are many lake data.
  • Geo-Profile function supports float DEMs.
  • Fixed following issues
    • Bil without nodata entry in the hdr file be shown as unknown type.

Version 3.7.0 ( Jun. 14, 2009 )

  • Supports the function to find highest or lowest point in the specified region or whole dem.
  • Supports to select a kind for saving user data.
  • Supports making world files when saving pictures.
  • Supports world files for texture maps.
  • Fixed following issues
    • Version 3.6.2 and 3.6.4 used invalid file names to store texture map information and color settings. (Note)
    • Bil form DEMs addressing are treated incorrect way. ulxmap and ulymap should point center address of the upper-left corner cell.
    • Sometimes Antarctica is drawn in invalid color when White-Antarctica is specified.
    • User area data shows size of zero when they are loaded before any DEM files.
    • Cannot recognize bil form dems correctly when hdr file has XDIM, YDIM, ULXMAP, ULYMAP specified in seconds.
    • Copy mouse point address function copies invalid address when dem is in UTM coordinate.
      (Note) If you want to retain settings under 3.6.3 or 3.6.4, rename following two files in the Library/Preferences/ folder in your home.
      jp.jizoh.XMapV.texture.plist => jp.jizoh.SimpleDemViewer.texture.plist
      jp.jizoh.XMapV.colors.plist => jp.jizoh.SimpleDemViewer.colors.plist
      Bug report ( Jun. 2, 2009 )
    • Cannot recognize correctly hdr information for bil, if hdr file has ULXMAP, ULYMAP, XDIM and YDIM entries specified in seconds. ( Thanks Tom Long. )
    • Remove XDIM and YDIM entries and prepare blw file for temporary workaround. blw info specified in seconds can be recognized correctly.

Version 3.6.4 ( May. 15, 2009 )

  • Fixed following issues
    • Can't access through aliases in open file dialog.
    • Slow reading for large user data.

Version 3.6.3 ( Mar. 21, 2009 )

  • Supports more flexible address form to pate to address control, only Japanese character form added this time.
  • Fixed following issues
    • Under Mac OS X 10.5, any file can be selected at read file dialog.
    • Under Mac OS X 10.5, file extension is not changed when you change file type at save picture dialog.
    • Under Mac OS X 10.5, window title is not changed when its content is saved as a picture file.
      In the Edit User Data dialog, when a kind and/or a layer is selected, list is blanked after some editing done.
    • Memo data creation or update dialog shows -9999 meter in elevation field for no elevation data.

Version 3.6.2 ( Feb. 15, 2009 )

  • Supports "SRTM dted level 0" and "SRTM30 plus".
  • "Treat sea as no data" option is available without ETOPO2.
  • Show/hide settings of user data will be saved automatically.
  • Fixed following issues
    • GTOPO30 is treated as bil form data.
    • West hemisphere disappear when extending ETOPO5.
    • Any texture map its west end is in west hemisphere can not mapped to ETOPO5.
    • May not create and draw lakes for 32 bits bil data.
    • 1/2 data pitch offset appears when two kind of dems ( those have different data pitch ) are read.
    • If user data sequence is changed in preferences, invalid kind names are shown in the user data list for editing.
    • Hidden names are selectable for memo data.

Version 3.6.1 ( Jan. 8, 2009 )

  • Supports more formats to paste to address control.
  • Fixed following issues
    • Cannot draw correctly when main window width covers 360 degrees using dems other than ETOPO2 and ETOPO5.
    • Cannot paste address that is between 1 degree north and 1 degree south.
    • Includes an utility "AscConv". It converts ArcAscii dem files to bil form dem files.

Version 3.6.0 ( Dec. 20, 2008 )

  • Supports ArcAscii DEM file, both geo and UTM addressing.
  • Elevation value should be in meter.
  • Supports fraction and mileage to pixels or centimeters on screen in the other scale dialog.
  • Supports shading for gray scale pictures.
  • Supports free contour interval, minimum 1 meter or 1 foot.
  • Supports feet for contour interval unit.
  • Supports contour in saving map picture for all cases.
  • Supports contour in projection maps.
  • Memorize default folder for each open and save. System standard in Mac OS X 10.4(Tiger).
  • Save options for pdf are ignored. (Leopard only)
  • Fixed following issues
    • May crash after reading files with selecting a folder.
    • May crash after contour dialog displayed.
    • Clicking button to draw contour is ignored in case.

Version 3.5.1 ( Nov. 19, 2008 )

  • Fixed followings
    • Cannot read 32-bit float bil correctly if its byte-order is differ from executing cpu.
    • Invalid information appear in info-window for bird-eye view and stereographs.

Version 3.5.0 ( Nov. 6, 2008 )

  • Supports 32-bit float bil form data.
  • Supports setting rectangle region by address.
  • Supports to drag selected rectangle region on each side.
  • Add "Auto(fewer)" into interval menu of latitude and longitude lines.
  • Better extended drawing for dem file edge area.
  • Fixed followings
    • Sometimes crash when saving whole data region as a picture.
    • Base latitude adjustment illegally applied to saving map pictures when using UTM dems.
    • No cancel button for caution dialog to remove custom colors.

Version 3.4.2 ( Oct. 16, 2008 )

  • Suppress messages for debugging to console.
    ( Build No. is 3.4.2(R081016) )

Version 3.4.2 ( Oct. 14, 2008 )

  • Fixed followings
    • White rectangle for string selection was drawing illegal position when whole data is smaller than window, or shrink enough to fit window.
    • If no 'NODATA' is specified in hdr file of bil form dems, default value was 0 meter, ( changed to -9999 meters. )
    • Program uses 100 % of cpu time in sub task when all elevation data are sea in a dem file.
    • Some error messages are displayed to console when reading topological map of Japan as a texture map.

Version 3.4.1 ( Jul. 21, 2008 )

  • More smooth mouse-wheel scrolling.
  • Fixed followings
    • Cannot draw texture correctly when UTM and geo dem mixed.
    • Cannot select rectangle when UTM and geo dem mixed.
  • LSMixer utility attached.
    LSMixer composites three Landsat band data ( 8-bit grayscale image ) to one full color image as a texture for SimpleDEMViewer.

Version 3.4.0 ( Jul. 10, 2008 )

  • Support texture mapping.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Inaccurate alert message is displayed when quitting without saving updated user data, if system is Mac OS X 10.5 ( Leopard ).
    • Could not select files its name length is less than 3 letters without extension.
    • Could not save lake data correctly for GSI's 50 meter mesh dems.

Version 3.3.1 ( Jan. 30, 2008 )

  • No more restrictions for SRTM dted file name and folder name except file extension.
  • Corrections to 3.3.0
    • String search crashed when title of user route data is set to no show.
    • String selection frame does not match with string when both UTM and geo dems are read.
    • String search failed when both UTM and geo dems are read.

Version 3.3.0 ( Jan. 10, 2008 )

  • Support creating grayscale image.
  • Support coloring map by slope degrees.
  • Support creating Azimuthal Equi-Area projection map.
  • Provides one dialog for creating all projection map image, including Corn projection map.
  • The maximum size of projection map image is extended to 32767 pixels.
  • Change the destination to save the Preference settings to jp.jizoh.SimpleDEMViewer.plist and jp.jizoh.SimpleDEMViewer.colors.plist files.
  • Support copy address function at the context menu on the map.
  • Corrections to 3.2.x
    • Crashed frequently on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
    • Map is drawn abnormally near the seashore when map is extended.
    • Crashing issue when map is extended with UTM dems.

Version 3.2.1 ( Oct. 23, 2007 ) ( update Oct. 26, 2007 )

  • In user data reference dialogs, the order of attribute names can be changed by drag.
  • Under Japanese system environment, if specified font can't show Japanese letters, sample string will be changed to English words.
  • Correct that initial value of scale menu in the save map dialog is invalid, when map scale is not standard.
  • Correct that program failed in the open file dialog at the beginning under Mac OS X 10.5 ( Leopard ).
    ( Version 3.2.1f Oct.26, 2007 )

Version 3.2.0 ( Oct. 10, 2007 )

  • Can read different format dems at the same time, and layouts them in the map.
  • Can draw ETOPO2's sea for other dem's sea area.
  • Feet is supported for Bil form dems.
  • UTM zone number can be specified in header file for bil form dems.
  • Support "Font Panel" to set user data string attributes.
  • Longitude and latitude lines can be drawn on UTM map.
  • Corrections to 3.1.x
    • If you click close box of preference dialog during option key pressed, main window also closed.
    • NODATA entry in hdr file for bill form dems are ignored if NBITS is 8.

Version 3.1.3 ( Sep. 5, 2007 )

  • Data area will not be drawn on index window when using ETOPO2 or ETOPO5.
  • Corrections to 3.1.2
    • Some lakes are not drawn when the map is extended.
    • When using UTM data and total data width is smaller than window width, map will be broken after scrolling by mouse wheel.
    • In the dialog "Change attributes of all selected route data", Set-up button will not enable even when change_name_attributes is checked.

Version 3.1.2 ( Jul. 27, 2007 )

  • Show kinds menu in the Edit User data dialog shows kinds those data exist.
  • Corrections to 3.1.1
    • Crash when you update individual user data from Edit USer Data dialog, when no DEM data exists.
    • The map is shifted to south-west half of dem data dot pitch when extending.
    • Some dem data may be mapped to invalid position, when using UTM data.
    • Can't select rectangle region extends over the meridian 180 degrees.
    • Can't show correct name for GSI's 2m mesh dem.

Version 3.1.1 ( Jul. 15, 2007 )

  • Color set menu in the Preference dialog always shows current status.
  • Corrections to 3.1
    • Can't paste address to address-controls in all dialogs.
    • In Jump-to function, can't save new address to existing name.
    • In the Preferences dialog, custom color set failed to save lake color.
    • Can't paste address to address-controls.

Version 3.1 ( Jun. 18, 2007 )

  • Supports making profile charts.
  • Supports drawing lakes.
  • Supports drawing contour lines.
  • Supports GSI's 2m mesh DEMs.
  • Provides easy way to set base latitude for current window.
  • Shows calculated height at mouse point when map is extended.
  • Address controls support two digits sub-seconds in all dialogs.
  • "Refresh" redraw map always.
  • Light direction for shading can be selected from eight directions ( vs. Four previous ).
  • Enhance drawings for water surface levels in bird-eye view and stereogrphs when using GSI's 5m mesh DEMs.
  • Corrections to 3.0.x
    • Can't cancel reading files in some situations.
    • Sea was drawn with vacant color instead of sea color for bird-eye view, stereographs and projection maps.
    • Can't show elevations for west hemisphere for ETOPO5.
    • Projection maps always do shading even if preference is set to no shading.
    • Can't read GSI's 5m and 10m mesh DEMs under English environment.
    • Can't change elevation colors individually.
    • Show / Hide user data depending on scale does not work when UTM DEMs used.
    • Elevation field is not set when creating memo data.
    • After canceling reading DEMs, cannot read other type dems.
    • Even if vacant color is set to "White", "Black" is used when starting up.
    • Other minor bugs.

Version 3.0.5 (Mar. 28, 2007)

  • Correct following issues.
    • The check box, for drawing user data in projection map, is not active when only area data are available.
    • Can't show scale window for dems with no addresses.
    • Can't select rectangle region for dems with no addresses.
    • Can't draw some portion of bird's-eye view and stereographs when width of dem is longer than height for dems with no addresses.

Version 3.0.4 (Mar. 22, 2007)

  • Correct that user memo data file is corrupted when some of the memo data use custom marks.

Version 3.0.3 (Mar. 9, 2007)

  • Correct that route and area data could not save fonts in data file.

Version 3.0.2 (Mar. 6, 2007)

  • Correct that memo data can not maintain custom mark between different custom mark environment. Re-save memo data files are required to solve this problem.
  • Correct that user data preferences and each user data can not maintain font if the font name is shown in other than English or native language. E.g. Chinese and Korean font in Japanese system environment.
  • Correct that Invalid slit is appear in the map window when scrolling by mouse wheel.
  • Correct that invalid warning message appears when you delete user data in "Edit user data" dialog.
  • In the Bird-eye-view dialog, "Target" filed is dimmed when no rectangular region is selected on the map.
  • In the "Orthographic Projection map" and "Azimuthal EquiDistant Projection map" dialog, "Diameter of the earth" field is invalid.

Version 3.0.1 (Feb. 23, 2007)

  • Correct that program terminated abnormally after reading some dem files.
  • Show center address of map window on the info dialog when using UTM dems.
  • Correct string attributes dialog issue.

Version 3.0 (Feb. 20, 2007)

  • Supports 5m and 10m mesh dem from GSI of Japan.
  • Supports scale between 2000% and 5% for map and pictures.
  • Supports multi cpu / core to draw map and pictures.
  • Supports user route data and area data.
  • Supports an option to control user data visibility depending on map scale.
  • Supports Azimuthal EquiDistant projection map.
  • Supports an option to draw white Antarctica.
  • Supports a function to read files in a folder automatically when program begins.
  • Supports drag copy of color box in the preference dialog and others.
  • Show or Hide Index window can be done by menu.
  • Horizontal scroll bar is available even when whole world is smaller than window.
  • Supports displaying address and user data when using UTM dems.

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