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World map
Whole world using ETOPO2 ( 7 % )

South east Asia with ETOPO2
South east Asia using ETOPO2 (50%) with user data.

North Island, New Zealand
North Island, New Zealand using ETOPO30 ( 50 % )

Contour map of Swanose island)
Contour map of Suwanose island , Japan using 10 m DEM from GSI of Japan.

Projection map

Map of Japan
Conical projection map of Japan using ETOPO2 ( 100 % )

Map of Europe
Orthographic map of Europe, using ETOPO2 ( 50 % ).

Equidistant map
Equidistant map centered New York city, using ETOPO2 ( 20 % ). Circle pitch is 1,000 nautical miles.

Bird's eye View

Bird;s eye view of Mt. Etona.
Bird's eye view of Mt. Etna in Italy. ( SRTM 3 sec. ver. 4, twice in elevation )

Bird's eye view
Bird's eye view of Japan trench using GEBCO 30 sec ( 50% ) with 10 times height emphasizing.


Stereograph of St. Helen

Stereograph (cross eye ) of St. Helen in WA, USA using 10 m grid DEM (50 % ).

Anaglyph of St. Helen
Anaglyph of St. Helen.

Panorama view

Panorama view of Hodaka

Panorama view of Hodaka-dake in Japan Alps using 10 m DEM from GSI.

Panorama view of Oahu

Panorama view of Oahu and other islands in Hawaii using 3 sec DEMs.

Stereo panorama view
Stereo ( cross eye ) panorama view of Mt. Fuji using 10 m grid DEM from GSI.

3D movie

Browser should support video tag to show movies.

3D movie flying Grand Canyon. DEMs are 1/3 sec GridFloat format from USGS.  ( 3 min. 26 MB )
Recording by QuickTimePlayer.

Mt. Fuji and lakes. DEMs are 10 m mesh from GSI of Japan.  ( 2.2 min. 19 MB )
Recording by QuickTimePlayer.

Grayscale map

Gray scale map
Grayscale map of Mt. Hakone using 50 m grid DEM from GSI.


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