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All movies require QuickTime.

All movie's original pictures are made using Viewr logo(Digital map viewer) on Macintosh. Viewr logo(Digital map viewer) is old program that supports only japanese and japanese data from GSI.


  1. Part of "Fly Across Japan" Movie(2.5MB) (Full version 49.6MB)
  2. From Kashima to Mt. Fuji thru Tokyo(1.8MB)
  3. Panorama view from Mt. Fuji(0.2MB)
  4. ObjectVR movie of Mt. Fuji(2.2MB)
  5. ObjectVR movie of Mt. Yatsugatake(2.7MB)
  6. Stereo movie(Yatsugatake to Northern Japan-Alps)(2.5MB)
  7. Part of "Tokaido megalo-polis"(2.9MB) (Full version 52.7MB)
  8. Stereo movie(Across Northern Japan-Alps)(1.7MB)
  9. Panorama views from 9 mountains in Kyushu(0.25MBeach)
  10. Tonegawa-River(from the sea to its source)(4.9MB)
  11. Ridge walk at Mt. Nasu(3.0MB)
  12. ObjectVR movie of Mt. Iwate (1.4MB)
  13. ObjectVR movie of Mt. Meakan (1.3MB)

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